Why choose us? Combining a high-level of experience, flexibility, personal service and attention to detail, Cinema Factory Entertainment LLP is uniquely positioned to offer you outstanding value and results.
  1. With over 5 years’ experience in conference, weddings, concerts, family/ public programmes and event management, we have been in your shoes many times! We have harnessed our learnings from these experiences and have turned them into our strengths.
  2. We have a proven track record and genuine commitment to delivering results.
  3. We never let the client down (and never have). We communicate with you every step of the way with project plans, regular updates and reports.
  4. We conduct thorough up front research to ensure we find you the perfect venue for your requirements – an important foundation for your event.
  5. We use our superior negotiation skills to maximise your Event pricing at every possibility – with all savings achieved returned directly to you.
  6. Regular benchmarking in the marketplace ensures that our trusted suppliers continue to provide exceptionally high quality as well as outstanding value for money.
  7. We work with accuracy and scrupulous attention to detail whilst being highly flexible and adaptable.
  8. We strive for flawless on-site execution by setting exceptionally high standards for ourselves and the associates and suppliers we work with.
  9. We listen – taking the time to fully get to know your business, your culture, your target audience and your unique objectives – enabling us to deliver the most effective solution to your needs.
  10. Financial control – no surprises – delivering on-budget and on-time – every time!
  11. Honesty and ethics – we forge true partnership with our clients – working together for the best possible outcome.
  12. Innovation and creativity – we try to ensure our events are a little different.
  13. We have comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity cover.
Our experience has successfully crossed both geographical and cultural borders nationally and internationally. We can be involved as much, or as little, as you require – THE CHOICE IS YOUR –

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